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11:59 am marks the start of my lunch break. Most of these raps were recorded during that hour break.
11:59 pm means that it's time to go to bed. Most of these songs were written at that time instead.

Tracks 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13,14, 15,16, 17 produced by Luke Zielke

Philip Gift aka Machau: soundcloud.com/machau-gift
Ben Hammack: soundcloud.com/benhammack

11:59 and Obsolete Sadness are both available for purchase on iTunes!


released September 22, 2016



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.

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Track Name: Follow
I woke up 4 hours before my alarm
open the blinds to check on the stars
still there
was it all a dream
nah can’t sleep for a whole two weeks
just landed, back in kansas
one day completely spent on a mattress
day before completely spent on plane
2 weeks every day get wrecked but stay saved
life changed and it only gets better
turbulence had to be sweating for shelter
but it’s out of my control so don’t get it twisted
when we visit i admit my stories may be limited
chonburi full of people so precious
chang mai changed my perceptions
gonna need some prayer intersessions
just to stop this post trip depression

follow your calling don’t fall
follow your calling don’t fall
follow your calling don’t fall
for the same old same old don’t stall

need an opportunity to grow
it’s 6 am jet lag go slow
writing this rap on my first day back
to work hope i can still go with the flow
follow your heart you might never get home
follow your heart you could die alone
follow my heart just to see where it goes
if God leads me then let these other doors close
good Lord i’m still praying for direction
these missionaries given me the message
the way they sing these songs in thailand
i know that it’s all in your hands
what would it be like to dedicate my life
to service out of country out of reach out of sight
I feel like I’m called but it’s only a whisper
take these headphones off my ears to hear clearer

and ever since i landed back in kansas i feel stranded
love my family love this country love the music love the rapping
but it so happens that i’m passive with my passions
so i’m asking how i can change this stance into something massive
can you imagine, a life without sadness
i imagined not showing up to work
i imagined that i never left Thailand
and FaceTime my parents to tell em i wouldnt return
i imagined not seeing my family for months
and not saving up money for an xbox one
and the only time that bae ever sees my face
is through snapchats i can only send every other day
i imagined being too busy to record mix tapes
or listen to the latest release from lecrae
or missing Westbrook get triple double games
but maybe thats something i would gladly give away
if i

but the same old same old still takes it’s toll
looking in the mirror just to see how it shows
nah i hide it, i’m quiet
but in the inside it’s a tsnami Goliath type giant

chonburi full of people so precious
chang mai changed my perceptions
I look to you to give the directions
Lord lead my life and never let the love lessen